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My Mission

What makes Pro Hebrew so special?

I build a program around your needs.


I know that people struggle with learning Hebrew online or in Israel at Ulpan,Which is why I built you a program around your needs.

Since Apps and courses aren’t enough to get comfortable speaking in the real-world.This helps reduce costs and increase convenience, so you can learn in a
comfortable space at the pace you need.

Typing on a Computer
On a Video Call

Why online lessons?

Hebrew Online lessons make things  easy, comfortable, and convenient.

Being able to have a class at any time, from anywhere, helps those with busy schedules who still want to learn.


Meet Nir

Meet Nir

Education and Work Background

Nir has 2 BA degrees in Social Work and Psychology and over 4 years of teaching experience. He has been able to help more then 200 students succeed in becoming confident and independent language users and learners.​ Nir worked in many language schools in the world, and has taught students from over 50 different countries.


His students work in a variety of interesting professions, and range from being lawyers and doctors, to high tech and accountants. However, regardless of their profession, his students always have the same goals and traits – they’re determined, highly motivated, and have a strong desire to improve themselves and invest in their future. His students REFUSE to let their Hebrew stop them from reaching their goals.


His passion lies in removing the FEAR which Hebrew learners have. He removes the fear of speaking and making mistakes in Hebrew, and instead, he replaces them with a confident, motivated, and highly independent version of themselves. He motivates students to finally apply for the job of their dreams in Israel. He pushes them to come to Israel and speak with native speakers. He supports them when they’re finding their feet and just learning the basics of Hebrew.

Get in touch.

If you have an issue or a question, before contacting me I suggest looking at my FAQs. If you need to contact your me, you can do so via Skype (nirfeldman1987), Whatsapp (972-546438343), or email.

Support hours are Mon-Fri 9 am - 7 pm (European time). During these hours, my average response time is 2 hours. If you are contacting me outside of these hours or during public holidays, it will usually take me longer to respond. The fastest way to get a response is to complete the form below, but alternatively, you can email me at

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