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Pricing for Hebrew Lessons

Get quality, 1-on-1 tuition at affordable prices. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes exept for the free lesson which is 20 minutes. If you prefer to pay for lessons one at a time, you can do this for $27.00 per lesson.
  • One Lesson

    87 shekels per lesson
  • Best Value

    Five Lessons

    $25.9 per lesson
  • Ten Lessons

    $24.9 per lesson


John Daudelin

New Jersey, United States

"John didn't know anything in Hebrew before he started the course in Prohebrew in July. Not even the Hebrew alphabet!

Now, After eight intense months Course in Prohebrew , he can read, speak and write in Hebrew"

Sam Green

London, England

Sam always had a dream to learn Hebrew, but he did not know how to achieve in .There  weren't many good courses and they were also very expensive.

Now after a year with the Prohebrew course he finally understand this language and enjoy speaking it every day with  his friends from Israel"


Freiburg, Germany

​Julia from Germany made an aliyah to Israel a year ago. She already knew how to speak Hebrew, but she felt insecure about speaking Hebrew and spoke only in English.

Now, after 7 months in the Prohebrew course, she can speak Hebrew all the time in her work and no longer has to use English in Israel.


Guatemala city, Guatemala

Fabi from Guatemala was very scared at first to learn a language like Hebrew and was insecure learning ita new language Online..

Now that she has started the course in Prohebrew she can speak Hebrew and has more confidence to express herself without being afraid to make mistakes

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