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5 Ways to Learn Hebrew Faster.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

5 Ways To Learn Hebrew Faster.

We all know speaking Hebrew is a must. Not just for applying for a job, but also when visiting a club in Tel Aviv, when going on a date in Israel, or even when buying hummus online. So if you want to improve your Hebrew skills, here are 5 unique and free ways to learn Hebrew faster today.

So what are the best ways to learn Hebrew fast and for free?

Take a look at the list i present here below. Let yourself be surprised, and become the Hebrew experts everybody approaches with questions. You can do it!

Fauda, Hostages, Shtisel or any original Israeli series

We know you spend most of your nights watching shows on Netflix, so why not have fun and learn the Hebrew language at the same time?

Watching a Special Forces team whose task is to protect Israel from Hamas’ brutal activities, their love triangles, and the typical life of an Israeli, could keep you awake and learning. Maybe, the kidnapping of an important Israeli politician, for example, will provide you joy, amusement and Hebrew learning skills in each one of their 60-minute episodes.

Let’s make a bet! Watching the complete season will improve your Hebrew in a matter of weeks. If you are a little advanced, another great thing you can do is to choose any series on Netflix and use Hebrew subtitles when watching it, even if you understand the original language. This could help your grammar and pronunciation skills in a fast, cool way.

Songs: A Musical way to Hebrew!

Who doesn’t love music? Shlomo Artzi with “Ahavtia”, Omer Adam with “Tel Aviv”, or any legendary Israeli singer. Listening to Hebrew songs on your way home, at the beach, or even in the shower, will help you with your pronunciation and with your understanding of the language.

Concentrate on the song, read the lyrics online, and try to understand them. If you don’t get one or two words, al tidag( Don't worry in Hebrew), check out Google Translate(or morfix) and try to connect the new words you learn in different songs with real-life situations. You´ll see your improvement in an organic and very nice way.

Prohebrew: The ultimate solution to learning Hebrew online

Certified teacher in a supportive environment, and rich educational content will help you learn modern Hebrew.. It is truly comfortable, and easy to use. Seriously, it is your best option and can be used all around the world from the comfort of your own home (or a good coffee shop with good enough Wi-Fi).the most efficient option is to take 1-on-1 lessons. The cost can be a little higher, but if you are taking the lessons online – such as with Prohebrew– this isn’t always the case. Moreover, you’ll be able to get extensive speaking practice with an experienced, native tutor.

Vacations: Learning Hebrew with a smile, and a Goldstar beer!

Are you thinking about going on vacation? Visit Israel! Spending time in this amazing country will definitely improve your Hebrew, and your tan.

Coming to Israel and spending the day on the beach, walking on the tayelet, buying food,hummus or falafel in the Carmel Market, maybe visiting masada, or many other activities like these ones, will definitely help you strengthen your Hebrew.

Go for a walk in Jerusalem, explore the Old City and the Kotel, visit the Dead Sea and Eilat. Go up Masada and ride a camel. Every experience in the Land of Milk and Honey will lead you to have a great Hebrew learning experience. You will love the country, eat delicious Israeli food, and of course, learn Hebrew.

Israeli books in our life!

If you already understand some Hebrew, improve it with a good book. Amos Oz is one of the best writers in the country, so reading one of his novels will, for sure, help you. David Grossman and his funny novels are also a great option. And for those of you who are more romantic, Yehuda Amichai’s poems could be your way to optimize your Hebrew skills.

If you are not an expert, you can start with children’s books, any of these books can help. Just go to the library or bookstore, pick the best options and have fun. You can even share it with your little niece and create a deeper family bond.

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