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Best apps to learn hebrew 2023

There are several great apps available that can help you learn Hebrew:

1)Duolingo - Duolingo offers a free Hebrew course. The course is designed for beginners,

but it can also be useful for those with some previous experience.

2)Rosetta Stone - This is a paid language learning software that uses immersive methods

to teach languages, including Hebrew. It's comprehensive and can be good for those who

want a full program to guide them.

3)Memrise - Memrise offers a wide variety of language courses, including Hebrew. It

focuses on memorization techniques to help you remember vocabulary and grammar.

4)Drops - Drops is a visual language learning app that offers Hebrew. It uses quick,

engaging games to teach vocabulary.

5)Mondly - Mondly is a language learning platform that offers courses in multiple

languages, including Hebrew. It combines conversation-focused curriculum, speech recognition, and a repetition system to help users learn languages.

6)HebrewPod101 - This app provides a vast library of audio and video lessons, covering

everything from beginner to advanced content. It is subscription-based.

7)Pimsleur - Pimsleur offers comprehensive language courses in many languages,

including Hebrew. Pimsleur focuses on conversational skills and uses repetition and

interactive conversation practice.

8)Babbel - This app offers an extensive range of courses, including Hebrew. It's a paid app

but it offers a well-structured learning path, and it focuses on conversation skills.

Remember, the best app for you depends on your personal learning style, your previous experience

with Hebrew, and your language learning goals. It might be beneficial to try a few different apps to

see which one you like the best.

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