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Best hebrew podcast update 2023

As of my last update in 2023, there were several popular Hebrew podcasts covering a wide range of

topics. Keep in mind that the popularity of podcasts can change over time, so it's a good idea to

search for recent recommendations and reviews. Here are some of the best Hebrew podcasts that

were well-regarded at that time:

סיפור עם פודקאסט"( 1 " (Sipur Im Podcast) - This podcast features storytelling and narration of

classic and contemporary literature, providing an excellent opportunity to improve your

Hebrew listening skills.

עם ישראל חי"( 2 " (Am Yisrael Chai) - This podcast covers various topics related to Jewish

culture, history, and current events in Israel and the Jewish world.

סדרת קפה"( 3 " (Sederet Cafe) - A podcast that dives into interesting and engaging

conversations with a wide range of guests, discussing culture, society, and personal


רמזור"( 4 " (Ramzor) - A podcast by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (Kan), exploring

various topics in science, history, and culture.

רדיו תל אביב"( 5 " (Radio Tel Aviv) - A podcast that covers music, culture, and interviews with

artists and musicians in Tel Aviv.

מועדון הבישול"( 6 " (Mo'adon HaBishul) - A culinary podcast exploring different aspects of food,

cooking, and Israeli cuisine.

לבא תחתיי"( 7 " (Lavah Tahtai) - A comedy podcast discussing everyday life situations and

humorously exploring human behavior.

כאן - ערוץ הכנסת"( 8 " (Kan - Knesset Channel) - This podcast provides political analysis and

updates from the Israeli Knesset and political affairs.

תפקידו של האדם"( 9 " (Tafkidav Shel HaAdam) - A podcast that delves into psychology, personal

development, and human behavior.

כאן - מדור ירושלים"( 10 " (Kan - Mador Yerushalayim) - This podcast focuses on current events

and news from Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

You can find these podcasts on various podcast platforms or through the podcast app of the Israeli

Broadcasting Corporation (Kan). To find the most current and popular Hebrew podcasts, I

recommend searching for recent lists or checking podcast directories for updated rankings

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