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Best israelis singer

Determining the "best" Israeli singer can be quite subjective as it largely depends on individual

preferences and the specific genre of music one is interested in. However, several Israeli singers

have achieved both national and international acclaim. Here are a few of them:

Ofra Haza - Known as the "Israeli Madonna," Ofra Haza was one of the most popular singers

in Israel, achieving international fame with her blend of traditional and pop music.

Arik Einstein - Widely regarded as the father of modern Israeli pop, Arik Einstein had a career

that spanned several decades. His music continues to influence Israeli artists.

Idan Raichel - Idan Raichel is a contemporary singer-songwriter known for his Idan Raichel

Project, a fusion of electronic music, traditional Hebrew texts, Arab and Ethiopian music.

Dudu Tassa - A popular rock musician who is also known for his project "Dudu Tassa & The

Kuwaitis," where he reinterprets the music of his grandfather and great-uncle, who were

famous musicians in Iraq.

Netta Barzilai - She gained international recognition when she won the Eurovision Song

Contest 2018 with her song "Toy."

Rita - Known simply by her first name, Rita is one of Israel's most famous pop singers. She

has released albums in both Hebrew and Persian.

Shalom Hanoch - A leading performer in Israeli rock, Shalom Hanoch is known for his

lyric-focused songs and his collaborations with Arik Einstein.

Eyal Golan - One of the most popular singers in the Mizrahi genre, Eyal Golan has a broad

fanbase in Israel and among Israelis around the world.

Remember, Israel has a diverse music scene that includes a wide range of genres, from pop and rock

to Mizrahi music, folk, and much more. The "best" singer will depend on your specific musical


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