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Hebrew words for ths Summer

hebrew words for the summer Summer is a vibrant and warm season, and Hebrew has various words and terms that are associated with it. Here are some Hebrew words related to summer:

  1. Summer: קיץ (Kayitz)

  2. Sun: שמש (Shemesh)

  3. Heat: חום (Chom)

  4. Vacation: חופשה (Hofeshah)

  5. Beach: חוף (Chof)

  6. Swimming Pool: בריכה (Breikhah)

  7. Sea: ים (Yam)

  8. Sunglasses: משקפי שמש (Mishkafey Shemesh)

  9. Sunscreen: קרם הגנה (Krem Haganah)

  10. Ice Cream: גלידה (G'lida)

  11. Watermelon: אבטיח (Avatiach)

  12. Hot: חם (Cham)

  13. Swimming: שחייה (Sh'hiyah)

  14. Air Conditioner: מזגן (Mazgan)

  15. Suntan: שיזוף (Shizuf)

  16. Fan: מאוורר (Mevorer)

  17. Picnic: פיקניק (Piknik)

  18. Travel: נסיעה (Nesi'ah)

  19. Festival: פסטיבל (Festival)

  20. Outdoor: חיצוני (Chitzoni)

  21. Camp: מחנה (Machaneh), often used for summer camps for children

These words capture various aspects of the summer season in Israel and other Hebrew-speaking regions, from the weather to typical activities and experiences. Whether you're planning a trip to the beach or enjoying a watermelon, these terms encapsulate the essence of summer.

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