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how to order a food in hebrew

how to order a food in hebrew

Ordering food in Hebrew is fairly straightforward, especially in places where there is frequent interaction with tourists. However, knowing some specific phrases and words can be very helpful. Here's a basic guide on how to order food in Hebrew:

  1. I would like... - אני רוצה... (Ani rotze for males, Ani rotza for females) For example: "I would like a coffee" would be "אני רוצה קפה" (Ani rotze/rotza kafe).

  2. Menu - תפריט (Tafrit) You can ask for the menu by saying: "אני יכול לקבל תפריט?" (Ani yakhol/yekhola likabel tafrit?) which translates to "Can I have a menu?"

  3. Water - מים (Mayim)

  4. Do you have...? - יש לך...? (Yesh lekha for speaking to a male, Yesh lakh for speaking to a female) For example: "Do you have vegetarian dishes?" would be "יש לך מנות צמחוניות?" (Yesh lekha/lakh manot tzimkhoniyot?)

  5. I am a vegetarian/vegan - אני צמחוני/צמחונית (Ani tzimkhoni for males, Ani tzimkhonit for females) for vegetarian; אני טבעוני/טבעונית (Ani teva'oni for males, Ani teva'onit for females) for vegan.

  6. Bill, please - החשבון, בבקשה (Ha'kheshbon, bevakasha)

  7. Thank you - תודה (Toda)

  8. How much is this? - כמה זה עולה? (Kama ze oleh?)

  9. Without... - בלעדי (B'li) For example: "Coffee without sugar" would be "קפה בלעדי סוכר" (Kafe b'li sukar).

  10. I'm allergic to... - אני אלרגי ל... (Ani alergi le...)

Using these basic phrases, combined with some food vocabulary, should help you get by when ordering food in Hebrew. However, as always, remember that many Israelis speak English, especially in the food and hospitality industries, so don't be afraid to ask for help or clarification in English if needed.

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