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Prepositions in Hebrew

In Hebrew, prepositions are used to indicate relationships between different elements in

a sentence, such as the relationship between nouns, pronouns, or phrases. Here are

some common prepositions in Hebrew:

בְּ (be) - In, at, with

לְ (le) - To, for

מִן (min) - From, of

עַל (al) - On, about

אֵל־ (el) - Towards

עַם (im) - With

עַד (ad) - Until, up to

אֶל (el) - To, towards

עַל־ פְּנֵי (al-p'nei) - On the face of, upon

מֵאֵת (me-et) - From, by (when referring to the source of something)

These prepositions are just a few examples of the many prepositions used in Hebrew.

Like in any language, the correct usage of prepositions in Hebrew depends on the

specific context of the sentence and the relationships between the elements being

described. Learning prepositions in context and practice are essential for mastering

their usage in Hebrew.

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