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should you leave a tip in israel?

should you leave a tip in israel

Yes, tipping is customary in Israel, though the expectations may differ slightly from other countries. Here are some general guidelines for tipping in Israel:

  1. Restaurants and Cafes: It's customary to leave a tip of around 10-15% for waitstaff in sit-down restaurants. However, this can vary depending on the place and service. In some cafes, especially where you order at the counter, tipping might be less common, but it's still appreciated.

  2. Bars: It's standard to tip bartenders around 10-15% of the bill.

  3. Taxis: Tipping isn't obligatory for taxi drivers, but it's a nice gesture to round up the fare or leave a small amount, especially if the driver was helpful or went above and beyond.

  4. Tour Guides: If you're on a guided tour, it's appropriate to tip the guide, especially if it's a private tour. The amount can vary, but 40-100 NIS for a full-day tour is a general guideline. Adjust according to the group size and your satisfaction with the tour.

  5. Hotel Staff: You can tip bellboys, housekeeping, and other hotel staff based on the service. This might be around 10-20 NIS for bellboys or daily for housekeeping.

  6. Delivery: For food delivery or other similar services, a tip of around 10% or at least a few shekels is customary, especially if the delivery was prompt or the delivery person had to navigate difficult conditions.

  7. Hairdressers and Beauty Salons: A tip of around 10% is appreciated for good service.

  8. Spa Services: For massages or other spa services, a 10-15% tip is customary.

It's always a good idea to check your bill before tipping, as some establishments might automatically include a service charge. Also, it's generally preferred to tip in cash, even if you're paying for the service with a credit card. Lastly, as with tipping in any country, use your discretion. If you're pleased with the service, showing your appreciation with a tip is a kind gesture. Conversely, if you're genuinely dissatisfied, you are not obligated to tip.

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