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The best cafes in Tel Aviv update 2023

As of my last update in 2023, Tel Aviv's cafe scene was bustling with a wide range of cafes offering

delicious coffee, pastries, and a unique atmosphere. Keep in mind that cafe popularity can change

over time, so it's a good idea to check for recent reviews and recommendations. Here are some of

the best cafes in Tel Aviv that were well-regarded at that time:

1)Cafelix - Known for its high-quality coffee and skilled baristas, Cafelix is a popular spot for

coffee enthusiasts.

2)Café Bialik - Located in the historic Bialik Square, this cafe offers a charming ambiance and

a delightful selection of pastries.

3)Cafeteria - A stylish and hip cafe offering specialty coffee, delicious food, and a laid-back


4)Coffeebar - A cozy and welcoming coffee shop, serving excellent coffee and

mouthwatering baked goods.

5)Rothschild 12 - A chic rooftop cafe with stunning city views, perfect for enjoying a cup of

coffee and light bites.

6)Anita - A beloved ice cream parlor and cafe, offering a variety of gelato flavors and

refreshing drinks.

7)Benedict - A famous 24/7 breakfast spot, perfect for indulging in a hearty breakfast or


8)Nechama VehaBet Segev - A traditional Israeli cafe known for its nostalgic atmosphere

and homey dishes.

9)Dallal - A beautiful cafe and restaurant in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, offering a

charming garden setting.

10)Landwer Café - A chain of cafes known for their rich coffee and delicious cakes and


11)M25 Café - Part of the M25 restaurant group, this cafe offers specialty coffee and light


12)Puaa - A cozy and bohemian-style cafe with vintage decor, offering tasty cakes and


13)Florentin Bakery - A bakery and cafe in the trendy Florentin neighborhood, famous for its

mouthwatering pastries.

14)Levinsky 41 - A cafe located in the Levinsky Market area, serving great coffee and baked


15)Meir Berger - A long-standing cafe known for its classic charm and tasty coffee.

Bucke Café - A small and charming cafe offering quality coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.

Cafe Xoho - A popular spot for brunch and vegetarian dishes, known for its cozy and friendly


16)Ha'Migdal - A quaint cafe situated in the Jaffa flea market area, serving delicious pastries

and coffee.

These cafes represent just a fraction of Tel Aviv's diverse cafe scene. Exploring the city's

neighborhoods will lead you to many more hidden gems and unique coffee spots. Be sure to check

for the most current recommendations and reviews to find the best cafes in Tel Aviv during your visit

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