John Daudelin

New Jersey, United States

John didn't know anything in Hebrew before he started the course in Prohebrew in July 2020. Not even the Hebrew alphabet!

Now, After eight intense months of training in Prohebrew , he can read, speak and write in Hebrew"

Sam Green

London, England

Sam always dreamt of learning Hebrew, but he didn't know how to achieve it .There  weren't many good courses and they were very expensive.

Now after a year with Prohebrew, he can finally understand this language and enjoys speaking it every day with his friends from Israel.


Freiburg, Germany

​Julia from Germany made an aliyah to Israel a year ago. She already knew how to speak Hebrew, but she felt insecure about speaking Hebrew and spoke only in English.

Now, after 7 months in the Prohebrew course, she can speak Hebrew all the time in her work and no longer has to use English in Israel.


Guatemala city, Guatemala

Fabi from Guatemala was very scared at first to learn a language like Hebrew and was insecure learning ita new language Online.

Now that she has started her lessons in Prohebrew, she can speaks the language  with confidence and express herself without being afraid to make mistakes.


My unique booking system makes scheduling and managing lessons simple.After making a purchase,you will be given a code that you can apply by entering your email address on the booking page.I will show you my availability in your time zone and all you'll have to do is select a time and confirm. if you have a Google,iCal or Outlook Calendar ,you'll have the option of directly adding your lesson to your calendar.An Email reminder will be sent to you so that you don't forget to turn up.You'll also recive an SMS reminder if when booking you added your mobile number with the country code included.

How long are the classes?

55 minutes

What do you use to do the classes?

I use Skype and Zoom. I do not use Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other software because they do not allow me to share my screen and show documents.

What happens if I want to cancel a class?

I have a cancellation policy. Just notify me that you need to cancel your lesson at least 24 hours before the class, and you won’t be charged. If you cancel after that time, then you will be charged for this lesson because I have no time to replace it and the time is lost.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! If you pay for 10 classes, then you will receive 10% off.for 5 classes you will receive 5% off. You must take these ten classes within a 4 month period, otherwise they will be lost.

Can I have a free trial?

I offer students a 20 minute assessment for free. This is not a lesson. This is so we can meet one another, chat about the classes, and I can assess your level and have a better idea about what to plan for your lessons.

When do you teach?

I teach and reply to emails everyday. The class slots I have are:

  • 9.30am – 12:00pm
  • 12:30pm – 14:00pm
  • 14.30pm –16.30pm
  • 17:00pm – 19:00pm
All times are in Tel Aviv, Israel time. The only exception to this schedule is Monday(my day off). Also, some times may not be available due to current students’ bookings, so please contact me to check my availabilities.

Do you give/check homework?

Yes! I give homework (writing or reading homework) so you can continue practising your Hebrew outside the lessons. I check your homework inside the class, but if you have some problem with the homework you could contact me on Skype.

Which textbooks do you use? Do I need to buy anything?

Yes and no. I use the best textbooks for Hebrew, however in order to use it at your home you will have to buy it(E-book). However, if you don't want to buy it ,I could send you the screen shots after each lesson(for learning Hebrew you will not need more then 2 books, so don't worry)

Can I get a refund if I pay for a class and change my mind?

I don’t offer refunds, sorry.

Can I have group classes?

Yes! For extra charge. Please contact me.

Do you teach children?

Yes! 8 years and up.

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