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All the Ways to Say Hello in Hebrew

There are a few ways to say "hello" in Hebrew, each with their own specific connotations and

appropriate contexts:

Shalom ( שלום ) - This is the most common and well-known way to say "hello" in Hebrew. It's

also used to say "goodbye" and it means "peace". You can use "Shalom" in nearly any context,

formal or informal.

Hi ( היי ) - This is a casual greeting, similar to "hi" in English, and is mostly used among friends

or people of the same age.

Ma Nishma? ( מה נשמע ?) - This is a casual greeting which literally translates to "What's

heard?" but it is used like "What's up?" or "How's it going?" in English. This is typically used

among friends or peers.

Boker Tov ( בוקר טוב ) - This means "good morning" and is used until around noon.

Tzohorayim Tovim ( צהריים טובים ) - This is used to say "good afternoon" and is typically used

from noon until around 4pm.

Erev Tov ( ערב טוב ) - This means "good evening" and is used from late afternoon and onwards.

Each of these phrases can be used to greet someone in Hebrew, depending on the time of day and

the formality of the situation. However, "Shalom" is the most common and universally appropriate


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