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First words to know in hebrew

first words to know in hebrew

When beginning to learn Hebrew, it's helpful to start with some essential words and phrases that you'll likely use in everyday conversation. Here are some foundational Hebrew words and phrases to get you started: Basic Greetings:

  1. Hello: שלום (Shalom)

  2. Good morning: בוקר טוב (Boker tov)

  3. Good evening: ערב טוב (Erev tov)

  4. Good night: לילה טוב (Laila tov)

  5. Goodbye: להתראות (Lehitra'ot)

Polite Expressions:

  1. Please: בבקשה (Bevakasha)

  2. Thank you: תודה (Toda)

  3. You're welcome: אין בעד מה (Ein be'ad ma)

  4. Excuse me: סליחה (Slicha)

Common Questions:

  1. What's your name?: מה שמך? (Ma shimcha?) – to a male, מה שמך? (Ma shmech?) – to a female

  2. How are you?: איך אתה? (Eich ata?) – to a male, איך את? (Eich at?) – to a female

  3. Where is...?: איפה...? (Eifo?)


  1. One: אחת (Achat) – feminine, אחד (Echad) – masculine

  2. Two: שתיים (Shtayim) – feminine, שניים (Shnayim) – masculine

  3. Three: שלוש (Shalosh) – feminine, שלושה (Shlosha) – masculine

Useful Words:

  1. Yes: כן (Ken)

  2. No: לא (Lo)

  3. Water: מים (Mayim)

  4. Food: אוכל (Ochel)

  5. Bathroom: שירותים (Sherutim)

These basic words and phrases should provide a good starting point for navigating simple conversations and situations. The Hebrew language has masculine and feminine forms for many words, so paying attention to gender agreement is crucial. Engaging in language classes, online learning platforms, or practice with native speakers can help you further develop your Hebrew skills.

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