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Colors in Hebrew

Colors in hebrew Here are the names of some common colors in Hebrew:

  1. Red - אדום (Adom)

  2. Blue - כחול (Kachol)

  3. Green - ירוק (Yarok)

  4. Yellow - צהוב (Tzahov)

  5. Black - שחור (Shachor)

  6. White - לבן (Lavan)

  7. Purple - סגול (Sagol)

  8. Orange - כתום (Katôm)

  9. Brown - חום (Chum)

  10. Pink - ורוד (Varod)

  11. Gray - אפור (Afor)

  12. Gold - זהב (Zahav)

  13. Silver - כסף (Kesef)

Just as with the previous list, these Hebrew color names should be read from right to left. The pronunciation given is a general approximation for English speakers. It might not capture some of the unique sounds in the Hebrew language.

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