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Days of the week in Hebrew

days of the week in hebrew In Hebrew, the days of the week do not have names like in Western languages, but are referred to by their number in relation to the Sabbath (Shabbat), which is considered the seventh and most important day of the week. Here are the days:

  1. Sunday - Yom Rishon (יום ראשון): Literally means "first day."

  2. Monday - Yom Sheni (יום שני): Literally means "second day."

  3. Tuesday - Yom Shlishi (יום שלישי): Literally means "third day."

  4. Wednesday - Yom Revi'i (יום רביעי): Literally means "fourth day."

  5. Thursday - Yom Chamishi (יום חמישי): Literally means "fifth day."

  6. Friday - Yom Shishi (יום שישי): Literally means "sixth day."

  7. Saturday - Shabbat or Yom Shabbat (שבת or יום שבת): The day of rest, similar to the Sabbath in Christianity.

Please remember that Hebrew is read from right to left, and the pronunciations provided here are a rough approximation for English speakers and may not capture all the unique sounds of the Hebrew language.

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