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How to order coffee in Israel

how to order coffee in israel Ordering coffee in Israel is similar to ordering in many Western countries, but with some unique terms and styles of coffee that are popular in the region. Here's a guide to help you order coffee like a local:

  1. Basic Order: If you want a regular black coffee, you can simply ask for "קפה שחור" (cafe shachor).

  2. Espresso: For an espresso, you'd say "אספרסו" (espresso).

  3. Café Hafuch: This is the Israeli version of a latte. You'd ask for "קפה הפוך" (cafe hafuch).

  4. Iced Coffee: If you want an iced coffee, you can ask for "קפה קר" (cafe kar) or "אייס קפה" (ice cafe), which is often a blended iced coffee.

  5. With/Without Sugar: If you want sugar, say "עם סוכר" (im sukar), and without sugar, say "בלי סוכר" (bli sukar).

  6. With/Without Milk: With milk is "עם חלב" (im chalav), and without milk is "בלי חלב" (bli chalav).

  7. Size: If you need to specify the size, you might use "קטן" (katan) for small, "בינוני" (beinoni) for medium, or "גדול" (gadol) for large.

  8. Takeaway: If you want your coffee to go, you can say "לקחת" (lakachat).

  9. Please and Thank You: It's polite to say "בבקשה" (bevakasha) for "please" and "תודה" (toda) for "thank you."

A typical order might sound like this:

  • "אני אקח קפה הפוך גדול בלי סוכר, בבקשה" (Ani ekach cafe hafuch gadol bli sukar, bevakasha) - "I'll have a large upside-down coffee without sugar, please."

Or for something simpler:

  • "אספרסו בבקשה" (Espresso bevakasha) - "An espresso, please."

Israel has a vibrant café culture, and you'll find many options to suit your taste, from chain coffee shops to independent cafés. Don't hesitate to ask for what you want or to ask the barista for suggestions. Many Israelis speak English, particularly in urban areas, so if you're unsure, you can always ask in English.

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