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Getting directions in Hebrew

getting directions in hebrew When getting directions in Hebrew, you may need to know some basic phrases and words. Here are some that might help:

  1. Excuse me... - Slicha... (סליחה...)

  2. Where is...? - Eifo...? (איפה...?)

  3. How do I get to...? - Eich ani magi'a le...? (איך אני מגיע ל...?)

  4. Is it far? - Ze rachok? (זה רחוק?)

  5. Is it near? - Ze karov? (זה קרוב?)

  6. Turn right - Tafni yamina (תפנה ימינה)

  7. Turn left - Tafni smola (תפנה שמאלה)

  8. Go straight - Tzadad yashar (צעד ישר)

  9. Street - Rehov (רחוב)

  10. At the corner - Ba'pinah (בפינה)

Now, some words related to transportation:

  1. Bus - Otobus (אוטובוס)

  2. Bus station - Tachanat otobusim (תחנת אוטובוסים)

  3. Train - Rakevet (רכבת)

  4. Train station - Tachanat rakevet (תחנת רכבת)

  5. Taxi - Monit (מונית)

Remember, these phrases and words are just basic Hebrew. For more complex directions or conversations, a deeper understanding of the language will be necessary. Also, keep in mind that Hebrew is read from right to left, and the pronunciations provided here are a rough approximation for English speakers and may not capture all the unique sounds of the Hebrew language.

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