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Hebrew channels to learn hebrew

Learning a new language, including Hebrew, can be much easier with the help of audiovisual materials like YouTube channels. Here are a few YouTube channels that can help you learn Hebrew:

  1. Rosen School of Hebrew - This channel offers many videos for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. It's associated with eTeacher, an online language academy.

  2. HebrewPod101 - This channel offers a variety of videos on Hebrew vocabulary, grammar, culture, and more. It has content for learners at all levels.

  3. Learn Hebrew with - Another channel affiliated with HebrewPod101 that offers additional resources.

  4. Learn Hebrew with Maha - Maha is a language teacher who makes videos on learning Hebrew (as well as Arabic). Her channel is informal and personal, which can make it more engaging.

  5. Let's Learn Hebrew - This channel focuses on conversational Hebrew and basic vocabulary.

  6. Hebrew For Beginners - As the name suggests, this channel is ideal for those starting from scratch.

  7. Speaking Hebrew - Offers a range of videos on different topics with an emphasis on vocabulary building and conversational Hebrew.

Remember, learning a new language takes time and practice, so consistent exposure and use of the language is key. Be sure to practice regularly and consider using additional resources, like language learning apps, textbooks, or language exchange programs, to supplement these videos.

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