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how to order a drink in hebrew

how to order a drink in hebrew Ordering a drink in Hebrew is quite similar to ordering food. Here's a basic guide on how to order a drink:

  1. I would like... - אני רוצה... (Ani rotze for males, Ani rotza for females) For example: "I would like a water" would be "אני רוצה מים" (Ani rotze/rotza mayim).

  2. Water - מים (Mayim)

  3. Coffee - קפה (Kafe)

  4. Tea - תה (Te)

  5. Juice - מיץ (Mitz)

  6. Beer - בירה (Bira)

  7. Wine - יין (Yayin)

  8. Soda/Carbonated drink - משקה מוגז (Mashke mugaz)

  9. Without ice - בלעדי קרח (B'li kerach)

  10. With lemon - עם לימון (Im limon)

  11. Another round, please - עוד סיבוב, בבקשה (Od sivuv, bevakasha)

  12. Cheers! - לחיים! (L'chaim!)

  13. Bill, please - החשבון, בבקשה (Ha'kheshbon, bevakasha)

  14. Thank you - תודה (Toda)

Using these phrases and specific drink names, you should be able to order most common beverages in Hebrew. However, as with food, many Israelis in the hospitality industry speak English, so if you're unsure, don't hesitate to ask in English or point to the menu item you'd like.

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