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How to order coffee in Hebrew

Ordering coffee in Israel can be quite an experience since the Israeli coffee culture is rich and

unique. The following phrases will help you order your coffee the way you like it:

Coffee, please - קָפֶה, בְּבַ קָּ שָׁ ה (Kafe, bevakasha)

If you want to specify the type of coffee:

Black coffee - קָפֶה שָׁ חוֹר (Kafe shachor)

Espresso - אֶסְ פְּרֶסו (Espresso)

Cappuccino - קַפּוּצִ'ינוֹ (Kapuchino)

Latte - לַא טֵּה (Latte)

Turkish coffee - קָפֶה טוּרְקִי (Kafe turki)

Iced coffee - קָפֶה קָר (Kafe kar)

To customize your order further:

With milk - עִם חָלָב (Im chalav)

Without milk - בְּלִי חָלָב (Bli chalav)

With sugar - עִם סוּ כָּר (Im sukar)

Without sugar - בְּלִי סוּ כָּר (Bli sukar)

Little sugar - קְצַת סוּ כָּר (Ktzat sukar)

Lots of sugar - הַרְ בֵּה סוּ כָּר (Harbe sukar)

To go - לָקַחַת (Lakachat)

Note: The phrase in parentheses is how you would pronounce the Hebrew phrase using English


It's important to know that many people in Israel speak English, especially in places like coffee

shops, so don't worry too much if you can't get the pronunciation exactly right. And remember, the

best way to learn is to try!

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