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Names of ice cream in Hebrew

names of ice cream in hebrew

Sure! Ice cream is popular in Israel, and you'll find many of the flavors and types that are familiar worldwide, as well as some unique local varieties. Below are some common ice cream names and types translated into Hebrew:

  1. Ice Cream: גְּלִידָה (G'lida)

  2. Vanilla Ice Cream: גלידת וניל (G'lidat Vanil)

  3. Chocolate Ice Cream: גלידת שוקולד (G'lidat Shokolad)

  4. Strawberry Ice Cream: גלידת תות (G'lidat Tut)

  5. Sorbet: סורבה (Sorbet)

  6. Pistachio Ice Cream: גלידת פיסטוק (G'lidat Pistuk)

  7. Mint Ice Cream: גלידת נענע (G'lidat Nana)

  8. Halva Ice Cream: גלידת חלווה (G'lidat Halva) - Halva is a popular Middle Eastern sweet, and ice cream flavored with halva can be found in Israel.

  9. Caramel Ice Cream: גלידת קרמל (G'lidat Karamel)

  10. Soft Serve Ice Cream: גלידה רכה (G'lida Rakha)

  11. Popsicle: ארטיק (Artik) - This is a common name for ice pops in Israel.

  12. Frozen Yogurt: יוגורט קפוא (Yogurt Kafu)

You might also find ice creams flavored with local fruits or other regional specialties. Israel's diverse food culture means you might encounter flavors influenced by various culinary traditions.

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