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Pickup line in hebrew

pickup lines in hebrew Sure! While using pickup lines can be seen as playful and fun, it's always crucial to approach people with respect and gauge their interest and comfort level. Here are some light and friendly Hebrew pickup lines you might find amusing:

  1. "את הכי יפה בחדר – ולא רק כי אני שותה"

    • Transliteration: "At hi yafa ba'cheder – ve'lo rak ki ani shote."

    • Translation: "You're the most beautiful in the room – and not just because I'm drinking."

  1. "אם הייתי מסננת, הייתי נופל לך"

    • Transliteration: "Im hayiti mesanenet, hayiti nofel lecha."

    • Translation: "If I were a shooting star, I would fall for you."

  1. "האם אני מכיר אותך ממקום מה? כי אתה נראה כמו החלום שלי" (for a male) / "האם אני מכירה אותך ממקום מה? כי את נראית כמו החלום שלי" (for a female)

    • Transliteration: "Ha'im ani makir otcha mimekom ma? Ki ata nireh kemo ha'chalom sheli." / "Ha'im ani makira otach mimekom ma? Ki at nire'it kemo ha'chalom sheli."

    • Translation: "Do I know you from somewhere? Because you look like my dream."

  1. "האם יש לך מפה? כי אני תוהה בעינייך"

    • Transliteration: "Ha'im yesh lecha mapa? Ki ani tohe be'einayich."

    • Translation: "Do you have a map? Because I'm lost in your eyes."

  1. "אין לך צורך לקרוא את התפילין שלך, אני כבר מת לך"

    • Transliteration: "Ein lecha tzorech likro et ha'tefilin shelcha, ani kvar met lecha."

    • Translation: "You don't need to call your tefillin; I'm already dead for you." (Note: This line plays with Hebrew slang and religious imagery.)

  1. "אם הייתי עוקב אחרי כוכב, הייתי בוחר בך!"

    • Transliteration: "Im hayiti okev acharei kokhav, hayiti bocher becha!"

    • Translation: "If I were following a star, I would choose you!"

Please remember, these lines are meant to be playful and should be used with care and consideration for the other person's feelings and comfort. If someone doesn't seem interested or responds negatively, it's best to respect their boundaries and move on.

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