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The numbers from 1-10 in Hebrew

the numbers from 1 to 10 in hebrew

Here are the numbers from one to ten in Hebrew:

  1. אחת ('echat) - one (for feminine)

  2. שתיים (shtayim) - two (for feminine)

  3. שלוש (shalosh) - three

  4. ארבע (arba) - four

  5. חמש (chamesh) - five

  6. שש (shesh) - six

  7. שבע (sheva) - seven

  8. שמונה (shmoneh) - eight

  9. תשע (tesha) - nine

  10. עשר (eser) - ten

Note: Hebrew has grammatical gender, so the words for numbers can change depending on whether they're used with masculine or feminine nouns. The numbers above are the masculine form, except for one and two which are often used in their feminine forms. The masculine form for "one" is "אחד" ('echad), and for "two" is "שניים" (shnayim).

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