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Best Bars and Clubs in Tel Aviv in 2023

As of my last update in 2023, Tel Aviv boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars and clubs

catering to various tastes and preferences. While rankings can change over time, here are some of

the best bars and clubs in Tel Aviv that were highly regarded:

1)Kuli Alma - A trendy and artistic bar with a relaxed atmosphere, offering live music, DJ sets,

and art installations.

2)Sputnik Bar - A popular spot known for its great cocktails, lively music, and fun


3)The Block - A renowned electronic music club, drawing techno enthusiasts and hosting top


4)Radio EPGB - An underground bar with a retro vibe, featuring alternative music and live


5)Jimmy Who - A stylish nightclub with themed parties and a diverse music selection.

Alphabet - A rooftop bar offering stunning city views, signature cocktails, and a sophisticated


6)Rothschild 12 - A trendy rooftop bar located on Rothschild Boulevard, offering a chic

setting and creative cocktails.

7)Port Said - A lively restaurant and bar known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic crowd.

Dizzy Frishdon - A popular bar and restaurant with a lively ambiance, hosting live music


8)Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar - A cocktail bar known for its creative concoctions and elegant


9)Shpagat - A gay-friendly bar with a diverse crowd, offering themed nights and a lively dance


10)Tayelet (Tel Aviv Beach Promenade) - A strip of beachfront bars and clubs, perfect for a

night out by the sea.

11)Pasáž - An underground dance club featuring techno and house music in a unique


12)Spicehaus - A speakeasy-style cocktail bar with a 1920s vibe and a focus on craft


13)Anna Loulou - A multicultural bar with a Middle Eastern twist, known for its welcoming


14)Abraxas - A popular bar offering an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages and

creative cocktails.

15)TEDER.FM - A unique cultural complex with a bar, music, events, and a radio station vibe.

Salon 10 - A hidden cocktail bar offering a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere.

Keep in mind that the nightlife scene is dynamic, and new venues may have opened, while others

might have closed or changed their status since my last update. For the most current and up-to-date

information on the best bars and clubs in Tel Aviv, I recommend checking online reviews, local

guides, and social media platforms for recent recommendations and reviews from fellow travelers

and locals.

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