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Hebrew names for boys

names for boy in hebrew Here are some popular Hebrew names for boys, along with their meanings:

  1. Aaron (אהרן): Light bringer.

  2. Adam (אדם): Man or to be red.

  3. Benjamin (בנימין): Son of my right hand.

  4. David (דוד): Beloved.

  5. Elijah (אליהו): My God is Yahweh.

  6. Gabriel (גבריאל): God is my strength.

  7. Isaac (יצחק): He will laugh.

  8. Jacob (יעקב): Supplanter, held by the heel.

  9. Jonathan (יונתן): God has given.

  10. Joshua (יהושע): Yahweh is salvation.

  11. Michael (מיכאל): Who is like God?

  12. Noah (נח): Rest, comfort.

  13. Samuel (שמואל): God has heard.

  14. Daniel (דניאל): God is my judge.

Each name has a deep history and biblical significance. If you're choosing a name for a baby, you might want to consider the stories and characters associated with these names in the Bible.

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