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How to Get a Job in Israel

Getting a job in Israel involves a number of steps. These may vary depending on your individual

circumstances, such as your field of work, your experience, and your visa status. Here are some

general steps to guide you:

1)Research Visa Requirements: Before anything else, find out what work permits and visas

you may need to work in Israel. The process can vary depending on your citizenship.

Information can be found on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or through your

local Israeli embassy or consulate.

2)Learn Hebrew: While it's possible to find work in Israel without speaking Hebrew, knowing

the language can open up more opportunities and make daily life in Israel easier. English is

widely spoken in Israel, especially in the tech sector, but proficiency in Hebrew is often

preferred or required for many jobs.

3)Prepare Your CV: Make sure your CV is updated and tailored to the job you are applying for.

The style of CVs can vary from country to country, so do some research on Israeli CVs.

Usually, they should be concise, clear, and professional, focusing on your skills and


4)Start Your Job Search: Use job search websites, LinkedIn, and industry-specific sites to find

job postings. Networking can also be incredibly useful, so consider reaching out to

professional contacts in Israel.

Here are a few Israeli job search websites:

● AllJobs (

● Jobmaster (

● Drushim (

● Nisha (

5)Apply for Jobs: Apply for suitable jobs with your CV and a cover letter. The cover letter

should be tailored to each specific job, explaining why you're a good fit for the position.

Prepare for Interviews: If you're applying from abroad, initial interviews may be conducted

over the phone or through video calls. Research common interview questions and prepare

answers. Also, be ready to ask your own questions about the job and company.

Accept a Job Offer: If you're successful in your applications and interviews, you'll receive a

job offer. You may need to negotiate your salary and benefits. Make sure to get the final offer

in writing.

Remember, the job hunting process can take some time, so be patient and persistent. Good luck

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