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The best beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful and vibrant beaches. Here are some of the best ones:

1)Gordon Beach: One of the city's busiest beaches, Gordon Beach, is a favorite for both

locals and tourists. It's in close proximity to some of the city's best hotels, bars, and


2)Frishman Beach: This beach is located next to Gordon Beach and is also very popular. It

offers a wide sandy area, clean waters, and plenty of amenities like sun loungers and

parasols for rent.

3)Banana Beach: Situated on the southernmost edge of Tel Aviv's beach strip, Banana Beach

is popular with locals and becomes a hotspot for drum circles and dancing at sunset,

especially on Fridays.

4)Hilton Beach: Also known as the "gay beach," Hilton Beach is a welcoming and inclusive

place for everyone. It's also one of the best spots for surfing in Tel Aviv.

5)Metzitzim Beach: This family-friendly beach is popular with locals and offers shallow

water, making it perfect for families with young kids. The beach is named after a famous

Israeli movie.

6)Alma Beach: A quieter, less crowded option, Alma Beach offers a more laid-back

atmosphere. It’s located towards the southern end of Tel Aviv and provides beautiful views of


7)Geula Beach: Located next to Banana Beach, Geula Beach is known for its outdoor workout

area and its beachside café.

8)Bograshov Beach: One of Tel Aviv's busiest beaches, Bograshov Beach is packed with

locals and tourists soaking up the sun, playing matkot (an Israeli paddle ball game), and

enjoying the beach vibe.

Remember, the Mediterranean sun can be quite strong, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreens,

drink lots of water, and consider seeking shade during the midday hours. Enjoy your time in Tel Aviv

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