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The most popular sports in Israel

The most popular sports in Israel

As of my knowledge for 2023, the most popular sports in Israel are soccer (football), basketball, and judo.

  1. Soccer (Football): Soccer is the most popular sport in Israel, both in terms of participation and spectating. The country has a professional league system with the Israeli Premier League at the top. Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Be'er Sheva, and Beitar Jerusalem are among the most successful and popular teams. The Israel national football team competes in UEFA, the governing body for football in Europe.

  2. Basketball: Basketball is also highly popular in Israel. The Israeli Basketball Premier League is the top tier professional basketball league. Maccabi Tel Aviv is the most successful team and has won numerous Israeli championships, and it also had significant success in the EuroLeague. The Israeli national basketball team has had competitive showings in the European Championships and has produced a number of NBA players, most notably Omri Casspi.

  3. Judo: Judo is one of the most successful sports for Israel on an international level. Israeli Judokas have won numerous Olympic and world championship medals.

  4. Other sports like tennis, swimming, and athletics have also had success on the international stage, but may not have as high a level of participation or following within the country.

  5. In recent years, there's been growing interest in sports like American Football, with the creation of the Israeli Football League, and baseball, particularly after the Israel national baseball team's success in international competition.

Please note that the popularity of sports can vary over time and among different age groups and demographics within a country, and new sports or trends may have emerged in Israel since my last update in 2021.

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