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The top 18 restaurants in Tel aviv 2023

As of my last update in 2023, Tel Aviv's restaurant scene was vibrant and constantly evolving,

offering a diverse range of culinary experiences. While specific rankings can change over time, here

are 18 highly regarded restaurants (in no particular order) that were well-regarded as of that time:

1)M25 - A modern and creative kosher restaurant serving contemporary Israeli cuisine.

2)Taizu - A trendy spot offering a fusion of Asian flavors, including Thai, Vietnamese, and

Chinese dishes.

3)Shila - A popular restaurant known for its high-quality meat dishes, including steaks and


4)Port Said - A lively eatery serving a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes with a

modern twist.

5)Ouzeria - A Mediterranean restaurant specializing in seafood, located in Jaffa's historic

port area.

6)M25 Market - A vibrant culinary market offering various food stands with a wide array of

international cuisines.

7)Shulchan - A trendy restaurant focusing on contemporary Israeli dishes using locally

sourced ingredients.

8)North Abraxas - A hip restaurant offering an eclectic menu of Israeli and Mediterranean


9)Benedict - A famous 24/7 breakfast spot with a variety of delicious breakfast and brunch


10)Shila Shnitzeliya - A spin-off of the original Shila, specializing in schnitzel dishes.

11)Dallal - A charming restaurant situated in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, known for its

French-inspired dishes.

12)Ouzeria - A Mediterranean-inspired eatery located in the Jaffa port area, offering fresh

seafood dishes.

13)Cafe Xoho - A popular spot for brunch and vegetarian dishes, known for its cozy


14)Magdalena - An upscale restaurant serving a fusion of Mediterranean and European


15)M25 Cofix - Part of the M25 group, this cafe offers affordable and quick bites for those on

the go.

16)Shila Malabi - A dessert shop specializing in the Middle Eastern sweet treat, malabi.

17)Miznon - A popular international chain offering creative and tasty Israeli street food.

18)Ouzeria - A Mediterranean-style restaurant located near the Jaffa port, offering fresh

seafood dishes.

Please note that restaurant scenes can change rapidly, and new places may have emerged since my

last update. I recommend checking recent reviews, food blogs, and local recommendations for the

most up-to-date information on Tel Aviv's best dining spots.

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